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Infrared Sauna Guides

People think infrared saunas are unaffordable, need a special electricity supply, are expensive to run or need ventilation. We dubunk all the myths around prices, running costs and other concerns

Health Benefits

"If you get into a sauna for 30 minutes twice a week or three times per week you reduce the likelihood of dying of a cardiovascular event by 27%. Andrew Huberman Ph.D – Huberman Lab
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Mobile Saunas in Ireland

Natural beauty and proximity to the sea make mobile saunas a special experience. There are many mobile saunas along the coast of Ireland. Here is a list and some information about them.

Electricity Cost Calculator

Calculate your usage

This tool is designed to help you estimate the operating expenses of your sauna. Make informed decisions about your sauna usage. Select your rate, heater size and hours of usage to estimate the running cost of your sauna

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7 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets. A Comprehensive Guide & Comparision 2024

TL;DR: Infrared sauna blankets are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland. Their prices range between €335 and €719. There are 7 leading brands selling them, and almost all of them ship to Ireland for FREE.

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Does Infrared Sauna use help reduce high blood pressure? (Studies included)

TL;DR: After using an infrared sauna, some people could notice a minor drop in blood pressure, while others might notice a larger drop. How the body reacts to infrared sauna therapy may depend on factors like age, health status, and medication use.

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Mobile Saunas in Co. Clare

There is one mobile sauna available in Co. Clare. One such mobile sauna is the Sauna Suaimhneas. It is a traditional Finnish-style sauna on wheels that offers a unique sauna experience while enjoying the scenic beauty of the sea

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