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Mobile Saunas in Co. Clare


There is one mobile sauna available in Co. Clare. One such mobile sauna is the Sauna Suaimhneas. It is a traditional Finnish-style sauna on wheels that offers a unique sauna experience while enjoying the scenic beauty of the sea

Sauna Suaimhneas –

Taking care of your mind, body and soul.


Whitestrand, Milltown Malbay. Clahane, Liscannor.Co. Clare

Clahane Shore, Ballymaclinaun, Liscannor, Co. Clare



How to book and the time slots

Directly through the website at

  • Sauna Session (Whitestrand) – 45 minutes @ €15.00
  • Sauna Session (Lahinch) – 45 minutes @ €15.00

Time slots

All sessions are 45min long.

Opening hours (subject to change)


Saturday — Sunday – 10am — 3pm

Clahane Shore

Saturday–Sunday – 10am–3pm


The Sauna has 36 Google reviews with a rating of 5.0. Well done!

Our experience

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In County Clare, a mobile sauna experience is the perfect way to relax and connect with the stunning natural surroundings. With its combination of ancient traditions and modern convenience, it’s a unique and friendly way to unwind. As a place that values its heritage and embraces new experiences, Clar eis the perfect destination for a mobile sauna adventure. So why not treat yourself to this rejuvenating experience and indulge in the soothing heat while taking in the sights and sounds of this beautiful part of Ireland? It’s the perfect way to recharge and explore all that Clare has to offer.

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